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"Audrey is becoming a mean bitch, submissives come to see her as they know she will force them to orgasm but I'm not sure they realise how tough such a sweet face can be. Maximus makes some mistakes in his session, he answers too slowly, he calls her the name of a different mistress and his lust for Audrey is far too apparent."

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Ashley behind the neck with legs spread, bending over and spreading her ass. She knows what is happening, she is tied up to keep her hands at her sides and wrap her sexy, naked body in red cellophane. It is an equally hot Ashley who has to endure the pain.

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A vibrator is inserted in Hailey's pussy. The volume increases as Ogre thrusts the toy deep inside of her... Ogre now has the magic wand pressed against Hailey's gaping gash.

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"John is not the quickest and there is nothing Ivy likes more than a slow submissive needing to be punished. He is flogged, scratched, dragged around by his hair and given oral dildo training before she forces him to jerk off on to himself."

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"First to be tied to our wheel of pain. One more year. She gives us a slow strip tease and then we tie her hands behind her back and Naomi comes it to strip and tortured for the whereabouts of her money and jewelry. Naomi isn't done with Miranda and the following scene will be posted later this month."

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"When her Master enters and begins flogging her, her whines increase in volume until they reach a fever pitch. Her mouth is crammed full of her Master's cock and Penny, who is relieved to have the flogging subside, takes long, deep pulls on Master Alex' shaft to show her appreciation."

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Excited Calico is ready for infernalrestraints powerful bondage orgasms: "The Fish, a double metal hook, slips into her cunt, prying her open. Shes reclined. Breathing. He laug

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"Then onto her back again for more, but this time it was a lovely time. Then turns her around to get a good view of her perfectly pink pussy."

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