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"First I untie her and fuck her with it on her back, then she gets on top and rides it reverse cowgirl style. I get out my purple vibrator and use it on myself while fucking her until we both cum... Awesome video of the fucking scenes!"

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She deserves to be punished hard this time for her rudeness to our Master. Natali is the good slave and deserves the pleasure of punishing Ivy for her impenitence.

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Pausing only to let her catch her breathe briefly while he peppers her ass to redness with his bare hands. After a good beating, Julie is brought to yet ANOTHER massive orgasm.

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"He uses a cane to tenderize her. She pouts and rolls around and poses and we end the scene by taping her eyes closed. After whipping the rest of the scene she is tied with hands behind her back and fit her mouth with the dildo. Her wrists, knees and ankles are tied to the table so tightly she can only take so much before cumming. Carla tries to get away, but the vibrator ends up having its way with her as he rubs her pussy, she spits in her mouth."

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"Holly sucks like a champ! She is tickled, flogged and to her absolute terror, Deborah is subjected to an ugly ultimatum. At all is going to have at least five orgasms and I'm going to make her cum as Deborah begs to be set free when the pleasure turns to mega-pleasure."

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The vibrator and pulls her up onto her tip toes while he whips away at all parts of her body is bent backwards over our wooden pony. Adriana comes in to undress her. Adriana whines are Cindy plays with the voltage as poor Cheyenne moans and jolts.

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Ariel Summers joins the ranks of BDSM models as she endures a long shoot with Michael Kahn...Michael gives the impression of a happy monk with his gentle features and polite mannerisms, but below the surface is a stern sadist...and Ariel gives the impression of a good girl and Michael gets below her surface to reveal a submissive slut...Ariel is spread naked and Kahn takes great pleasure is exploring her helpless body

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"She whimpers and moans as her Master spanks her ass. Her panties are removed and she is flogged and paddled. But, all grows warm as she is caned."

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Master Otto however, has different plans as he turns the tables on Mia... Groping at her body and flogging her tasty behind however, is merely foreplay.

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Force a person into an impossible position and dont let her move for hours. J shocks her with a taser. Her arms, her legs, her neck.

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"the response to coercion typically contains "... at least three important elements: debility, dependency, and dread." Institutional restraints buckled about her ankles force her feet toward her back, her legs folded."

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Her flogger comes in handy for some nice breast whipping. Hooded and breathplay with hand over mouth and throat play gets Natali's juices going. This alley rat has no idea what she got herself into. Nice scene with a never before seen girl takes some hard pain and really enjoys it.

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